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Additions – Stair & Ramp Builders Brisbane

From rebuilding your old Queenslander stairs, designing and constructions specialised stairs for older folk or building a practical wheelchair ramp, Additions Building Brisbane can create the best access, suited to you, for your home. We’ve been building stairs and ramps in Brisbane for a long time, so we know the best suppliers and get the best prices. Our aim is to build you something that not only works for you but also complements your home.

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Queenslander stairs

When you buy a Queenslander style home you often find the first bit of renovating you need to do is replace the front stairs, they’ve probably been replaced once before but because they sit out in the weather they probably need it again! At Additions we don’t want to replace your Queenslander stairs with modern steel, we want to help you keep the character and integrity of your home. This is why we specialise in rebuilding your stairs the old fashion way, all in timber and hand crafted on site to suit your house.

Older folk stairs

As we get older we often find stairs to be a challenge and think about installing a ramp, while this is a good solution it doubles or triples the distance you have to walk to your front door. This can end up being very tiring just to get to your front door! That’s why at Additions we specialise in building stairs to suit older folk. These stairs have a wider tread than normal to give you a good platform to stand on and a much lower rise, so you’re not lifting your foot as high with each step, in some cases we can even build a landing with a seat for you to have a rest on the way up. We’ve build lots of these stairs all over Brisbane and have some great reviews about them too.

“…we discussed with Gordon if there was a way to make the stairs easier to get up and down. He was able to put an extra step in the stairs which made the step height lower and therefore easier to go up and down…”

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The Bayside area (including Wynnum, Lota, Wellington Point, Cleveland, Victoria Point and Redlands) is Brisbane’s favourite retirement area. With beaches, breezes and city convenience, it’s no wonder. The addition of home wheelchair ramps to private buildings is a smart investment for resale value and for lifestyle. While you get the peace of mind of easy access, you can feel safe knowing that a home suited to retirees will always be a popular choice in Bayside.


Make sure everyone feels welcome at your business with an affordable, attractive wheelchair access ramp. If you’re not compliant with the Disabilities Act, 2006 (Rights of People with Disabilities section) then your business could face fines or worse. Additions Builders are specialist outdoor, lifestyle and deck builders in Brisbane. Gordon Beeby has been working on outdoor projects for over 40 years, and can ensure your wheelchair ramp is 100% compliant so you can relax knowing you, and your clients, are safe.

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