How To Light Up Your Patio

It won’t be long before you’re entertaining friends and family on your gorgeous new patio. A patio makes a great addition to any home, extending your living area and adding aesthetic appeal. But have you thought about lighting?

Adding lighting to your patio can really enhance the visual appeal of your patio and backyard and allows you to use your outdoor space at all hours. Well-designed lighting improves the functionality of your patio and by adding certain colours and layers of lighting you can create an ambience that ensures your party continues well after the sun has gone down.

There are plenty of lighting options available but with so many styles and types for outdoor living, it can be difficult to know what you need if your knowledge of lighting is limited. Fortunately, help is at hand as we’ve reached out to one of our business associates, Static Electrics, for some advice to offer you. So here goes ….


Location, Location

Positioning is key since the way your lights are angled will affect the shadows, style, and feel of your space. Consider all aspects of your patio since your guests will need to be able to see what they’re eating or drinking, whether they’re standing or sitting by the table or the barbecue.

Ambient, Task, Accent Lighting

Lighting fits into 3 categories – ambient, task, and accent and you’ll need to use all 3 to create layered lighting.

  • Ambient – refers to the general lighting of your entire patio space. This could include a ceiling fan with a light, well-spaced wall lights, a large spotlight or several downlights. Use all of these with a dimmer switch for complete control.
  • Task – As the name suggests this lights up any area where you’re carrying out a task. This could be a spotlight above your kitchen, a clip-on light on a BBQ, or a pendant light hanging over a dining table.
  • Accent – Use these to highlight areas to create a sense of theatre. You could use them to focus on any steps or pathways, to light up specific architectural features, or to illuminate shrubs and trees. They should make your space feel warm and inviting. Consider using party lights, solar lights, and Moroccan lanterns to create a magical atmosphere.

Types of light bulbs

Once you’ve worked out a plan and decided on where you’d like your lighting, you’ll need to make up your mind between LED, halogen, and CPL bulbs. This is something that Static Electrics can advise on. Remember this is not a DIY job and you’ll need to use a qualified electrician in Brisbane.

Thinking outside of the box

While it’s natural to think mostly about the light above your head, by installing lights at seating, ground, and mid levels you can balance out the shadows from overhead lighting and make your space seem even more alluring.

Downlights are still a popular choice but they don’t have to be boring. Instead, add some sparkle with a large chandelier or run twinkly fairly lights across your ceiling beams.

For mid-level lighting that doesn’t create glare consider table lamps and wall sconces which help create an intimate atmosphere.

Floor lighting can look awesome on patios if done correctly and creates some amazing shadows. You can run it around the edge of your patio, light up any fence posts, or even place lights behind feature plants to showcase your garden.

Have fun playing around with colours and styles of light. Go on, be bold. You don’t have to limit yourself to the festive season only! Play around and stylise your patio with light to create a space that’s sure to impress.

Meanwhile, if you’d like us to design and install your new patio or you’re interested in any of our other household extensions give Additions a call on 07 3396 3884 and talk to our friendly team.