What are the Benefits of Having an Insulated Carport Roof?

Roofing is one of the key elements to consider when designing a carport – your car, boat or bike tends to be a big investment, so you definitely want your roof to protect it well! Insulated roofing gives you:

  • A sturdier structure than standard (single skin) roofing – Queensland can throw some wild weather our way! Insulated roofing uses the best quality materials and a strong structure, so it is more likely to protect your vehicle from storms, wind and hail.
  • Reduced heat transfer – while any carport will keep the direct sunlight off your vehicle, insulated roofing will also stop the heat from the sun. This means your car will always be cool, and so will everything inside it!

Insulated or Standard? How to Choose the Right Carport Roofing

When you’re choosing between insulated carport roofing and standard roofing for your carport, you may want to consider factors like:

  • What you will be housing in the carport
  • How often it will be there
  • What the local weather is like
  • How often you will need to work or stand in there
  • How many vehicle spaces you need or want.

If you’re not sure about the answers to those, it may be worthwhile having a chat with Gordon and the team at Additions Building – they can point you in the right direction and give you advice on which roofing type is best for your carport.

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