Insulate Your Patio Roof

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What are the Benefits of Having an Insulated Patio Roof?

Choosing an insulated patio roof can transform your outdoor space and create a comfortable living area, rain or shine.
No matter where you’re located, you’ll love:

  • Minimal to no heat transfer – even when the mercury soars, your patio will remain cool and comfy.
  • More space between supports – this opens up your patio and reduces the need for inconvenient poles in your living area.
  • Amazing looks – this roofing option gives your patio a sleek and professional finish, looking great against your home.

Forget the sweat on those insanely hot summer days – an insulated patio roof will have you chilling in the shade of your patio without worrying about the scorcher outside.

What Separates Insulated Patios from Standard Patios?

Standard patio roofing is fine for locations that experience mild weather conditions. We’ve been operating locally for more than 20 years, so we know that Brisbane weather is anything but mild.
While you can still go with roofing like that, opting for an insulated roof will ensure your patio can stand up to the notoriously unpredictable Queensland weather, standing strong through summer storms and raging winds.
Even when the sun is beating down, you can feel confident your patio will remain a great place for entertaining, relaxing, or firing up the barbecue.

Additions Building – Making Your Build Easy

At Additions Building, we believe in quality builds completed on time. We specialise in patios, decks and extensions, so you know you’re partnering with people who know what they’re doing!
We can handle your build from concept and design through to completion, giving you the stress-free project you need. Alternatively, if you just need us to do the heavy lifting – building your patio, carport or deck – we can do that!
Trust our team to pair quality materials with the skills we’ve gained through years of experience to give you a home extension you’ll enjoy for years.
Do you want to find out what Gordon and the team can do for your home? Get in touch with us today to chat about installing an insulated patio roof – you could be enjoying your fresh patio in no time!