Should you add a sunroom to your home?

Brisbane offers some of the best weather in the world, with bright and sunny days all year round however, capitalising on this can sometimes be challenging when commitments such as work, study or childcare require you to be inside. With fully surrounding windows and optimal positioning, a sunroom in Brisbane can help you soak in the sunshine and enjoy the natural light to brighten your home without having to even step foot outside.

A sunroom is a room surrounded by windows, or screening that marries the outside with the inside, creating the perfect balance and allows for the comforts of the indoors, such as temperature control, whilst still being able to sit ‘outside’.

Whether you want to add more space to your home, enjoy the view of your backyard or the surrounding scenery or capitalise on the daily sunlight, a sunroom in Brisbane is a wonderful addition.

  1. Add value to your home
    By expanding and adding another living space to your home, you can help increase its value and curb appeal, making it highly desirable. With the way people’s lives are constantly changing, having an open floor plan and flexible rooms within your house allows your home to grow with you, adapting to your needs as your family changes. As a sunroom typically features an open design, it can be adapted to serve a variety of purposes such as being a lounge room, playroom, or home office. Whether you want more space, or simply want a little luxury in your home, a sunroom in Brisbane could be the right choice for you.
  2. Reduce your electricity bill
    With a considerable amount of natural light being let into your home through a sunroom, the need for daytime lighting is significantly reduced and as a result, a reduction in your electricity bill can occur. Sunrooms can be designed strategically, to maximise their sun exposure during the day, allowing you to capitalise on the sunlight for longer.
  3. Improve your health
    There’s reason rainy days are described as ‘sad’ and ‘gloomy’. Did you know, receiving enough sunlight is strongly correlated with positive health, including both physical and mental health? Receiving adequate sunlight ensures your Vitamin D is kept within a healthy range, and can even help boost serotonin, one of the hormones in control of your mood and emotional state. In addition to this, exposure to sunlight can help balance your circadian rhythm, with the natural cycles of the sun aiding in regulating melatonin, the sleep hormone, production and can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Talk to the experts

When planning on extending your home to include a sunroom, seeking an expert opinion is always advised. Due to the complexity of constructing a sunroom, relying on industry professionals is always recommended, ensuring you get the best results possible.

As industry leaders in the design and construction of sunrooms in Brisbane, Additions is here to answer all your questions. From the design all the way through to the finished product, Additions can provide you with the support and expertise to achieve your dream sunroom in Brisbane. To talk to an expert and start your home makeover, reach out to our team today!