Sunroom Revamp Ideas

Even though it isn’t a necessity, building a sunroom is definitely a practical and beautiful addition to your home renovation. With a sunroom, you will be able to extend the original living space of the house and bring the outdoors in. In other words, you can still enjoy the feeling of being outside in nature while at the same time being protected from the weather.

Therefore, the number one Brisbane sunroom and patio specialist – Additions – has come up with the following sunroom revamp ideas to stimulate your imagination and help you create the perfect space. So, read on to find out more.

Top Five Sunroom Revamp Ideas

When looking for sunroom design ideas, first you should consider what you are going to use the space for. Will you use it for entertaining and socialising, a quiet retreat where you can relax, a place where you can enjoy nature, or more of an office type of space. Deciding on the purpose of your sunroom is obviously the very first step.

1. Country House Sunroom

The country house sunroom style is typically full of potted plants, wooden or rattan furniture, and big windows, preferably floor-to-ceiling, to let natural light in and help you admire nature. And, for this design, you should obviously neutral or warm tones.

2. Farmhouse Sunroom

To create the ideal farmhouse sunroom design, consider leaving the wooden walls natural colours exposed. You can do so by using luxurious shiplap furnishing and adding matching curtains to add an extra homey touch to the space.

3. Contemporary Style

If you want a modern space with an eye-catching design you can show off, make sure you put a wooden coffee table in your sunroom and decorate the space with wicker furniture. Also, you can add various cushions with unique patterns on the floor or the sofa.

4. Tropical Sunroom

This sunroom design is all about nature, the sun, and the beach. Ideally suitable for those living in coastal regions, however, if you just love tropical interiors we don’t discriminate. Just use cheerful bright-coloured fabrics and rattan furniture, add some plants and decorate them with pebbles, and you will instantly feel like relaxing on the beach.

5. Breezy Sunroom

Finally, here’s the ultimate design for those who want the perfect getaway place suited to any home design. To get this breezy, light-filled result, use white and light blue colours, a mini couch/daybed with lightweight fabrics and comfortable cushions, a candle or two, white window shutters, a statement mirror and watch your troubles disappear!

Things to Consider when Designing a Sunroom

Before you begin adding furniture and decorating your sunroom, you have to take several things into consideration:

  • Windows – Since having a sunroom is all about letting the sun in, you must make smart window choices if you don’t want your furniture to wear off or the room to overheat. So, we recommend double-glazed windows with UV protection.
  • Lighting – You may not need it during the day, but if you want to enjoy your sunroom at night you certainly have to consider lighting. Choose ceiling lights to complement the space, but if you have a transparent roof you can use down-lights. Just make sure you include dimmer switches to help you set the atmosphere you want. For a warmer feeling at night time, consider adding some vintage lamps.
  • Flooring – In a typical sunroom, flooring takes up much more space than walls so you have to choose the right option based on your style and preferences. The best sunroom flooring solutions include natural stone and timber flooring.

Now that you have a variety of sunroom design ideas to choose from, it’s time you make the call – contact Additions to help you create the perfect sunroom.