3 Essential Tips to Make Your Patio Perfect for Pets

Just like humans, pets also want to have fun outdoors. You can use these simple tips to create a perfect patio space that is ideal for your furry friends to get some fresh air and soak up in the sun. You can find scores of patio designs in Brisbane that will meet your requirements.

You should also think about what your pet will enjoy the most about your patio. Maybe it is the freedom and open space that will make your pet happy, maybe it’s the sunshine and fresh air. You can customise your space to introduce maximum appeal to your pets and enjoy outdoor time together.

Here are some important tips that will help you make your patio ideal for your friend:

1. Consider climate

You should consider the climate when you decide to customise your outdoor space. Consider the temperature and offer shade options for scorching hot summers and warm options for spine-chilling winter months. Make sure that water is available all the time. You can look at things like a heated water dish for or an elevated dog bed to keep air flowing depending on the conditions. You should look at Brisbane patios to get inspiration for patios that will be ideal for your pets.

2. Pet-friendly accessories and furniture

You should carefully consider the furniture when you plan to create a pet-friendly patio. The perfect pet-friendly patio furniture should include waterproof cushions with washable covers. The material of the furniture should be scratch-resistant like resin, metal, or wood. You must always avoid opting for woven material that may tempt the pets to sharpen their claws. You can also offer some things to add some fun to your pet’s life. This might include toys, water fountains, bowls, etc. It will keep your pet happy and comfortable and allow them to enjoy the space. Brisbane patio builders can offer you pet-friendly accessories and furniture.

You must always remove any dangerous plants from the vicinity as your pets may eat them and become ill. These plants may appear beautiful to you but can be toxic for your furry friends. Plants like lilies may prove poisonous for cats. You should also do away with tulips, some aloes, and daffodils.


3. Opt for safer balcony

When you are planning to create a comfortable patio for your pets, you must ensure that the area is safely enclosed. This will allow your furry friends to roam freely without the risk of an accident. You may opt for fine wire or plastic fencing that will go a long way in preventing your pets from slipping between rails. Your pets should not find any way out of the patio especially if you are not living on the ground floor.


The above discussed three tips will certainly help in creating an ideal patio for your furry friends. You should contact Brisbane patio design experts to create the best patio for you and your pets.