What are some insulated patio ideas and designs?

Designing your patio can be difficult but with these 3 easy steps, Additions Building Company can make it simple and stress free

Step 1: Select a sleek, stylish, insulated patio design that suits your home

Attached Skillion/ Flat Roof Patio

A skillion patio is a single sloping roof attached to your home. Skillion patios are a cost effective addition to your home as there are generally lessor materials needed. An insulated patio will protect you and your outdoor furniture from the heat and attached to any living room with not only extend your living area but cool it down as well.

Free Standing Patio

Create a sanctuary away from the home with a free standing patio. A free standing patio can be placed by a pool area or in your backyard for the perfect get together with friends. Insulating your free standing patio creates a cool oasis perfect for Queensland summers. You can also easily add lights for the perfect night time event.

Fly Over Patio

A fly over patio is attached with brackets to the top plate of your home. With impressive high ceilings and open design you will have a patio with ultimate views, maximum airflow and light. Create a space that catches people’s attention and improves the overall value of your home.

Gable Patio

Enhance the existing look of your home by adding a Gable patio. A gable patio is a triangle like structure and is the perfect design to suit any gable ended home. With striking beams throughout it is the perfect patio to add lights and fans to, creating a flowing and comfortable entertainment area.

Enclosed Areas (Sunrooms)

Take your insulated roof to the next level and create an enclosed extension. Using insulated wall panels you can comfortably stay indoors while enjoying the outdoors.
Turn your old patio into a new living space for a cost effective, cool room to work and play.

Step 2: Select an insulated roof sheet that matches your existing home

Insulated roof panels are available in ribbed and corrugated profiles.

Features and Benefits

– Cost Effective
– Superior insulating properties
– Sleek contemporary ceiling finish
– Fewer post, allowing more open space
– Extensive range of decorator colours
– Matches existing house roof profile and colours
– Minimises noise from rain and storms
– Water tight joining system
– Protective film reduces potential for damage during transport and installation
– Profiled polystyrene insulation (corrugated only)
– Concealed ducting for electrical cables providing a cleaner finish.
– Fully tested by James Cook University to the latest “low high low” testing standard
– 10 year warranty

Step 3: Want to speak to a Patio Builder?

Our patio designers and installers will be able to provide you with all the information you need to help you design the perfect patio area. Contact us today (07) 3396 3884

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