A Quick Self-questionnaire to Consider before Building a Patio

Patios are a big project to consider building for a house, but are a promising way to extend your living space. Additions can provide patios in Brisbane and cater to all tastes and can save you your hard-earned money and precious time. So are you planning to deck up a patio sometime soon?

If you are confident in your ability, you might be thinking of doing it yourself. Here are the top questions to ask to self before going for a DIY patio:

Is there a need for a building permit for constructing a patio?

This will depend on where you live, what existing structures you have, and what you want to add or change. So before get started with your Brisbane patios construction, make sure that you check out the building and consent rules and regulations for your area. Failing to acquire the necessary permits and permissions can land you down into serious trouble and may cost you money and time sorting it out. For a smooth process, gather all the necessary permits before you begin.

How will you be using the patio?

To answer this question, you need to decide whether you want a small patio just to fit in your outdoor chair and tables or are you looking for a patio space big enough to spend your entertainment time outside with a built in BBQ, or cooking pit and enough furniture for a crowd. Once you have made that decision, you can sketch out a plan that includes everything you want from your patio.

What kind of stone will you be using for your patio?

Pavers and dry laid bricks are the best options for you patio. These stones can easily be laid and set and they do not crack easily. Using flagstones on sand or soil also works well for your patio and looks highly attractive. They have natural beauty and this can be enhanced with the addition of mosses and other plants around the joint areas.

What is going to match my style of house?

Before you start with the construction of the patio, perform a style check of your house. Your patio should be designed to match or compliment your house and should be able to go hand in hand with the style of your house. Your patio design should be done with the overall area in mind. Matching colours, design, colour pops, theme, all these factors need to be considered to get the best combination of your house and patio.


So these were a few of the questions that you need to ask to yourself before you plan out a design for a patio for your house. Once you have decided on the answers, you can go ahead and call Brisbane patio builders who can assist you at each and every step. Right from getting the permits to designing and completing the patio project, they can help you in transforming your outdoor space into a perfect spot to relax outdoors.