Should You Build Your Deck Raised or at Ground Level?

Decks are an extension of your living area, supplying you with the area and space to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. A deck not only provides space but also beauty to your house. This is the reason deck re-modelling is so common among construction projects and patios in Brisbane are the norm. If you are thinking of building a deck of your own, you might want to look into a few important ideas and pointers.

Before we start, the first question that you should have in mind is whether you should have a raised deck or a ground level deck. As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, here are a few important points to keep in mind before getting one for yourself.

What is a Ground-level Deck?

These decks are the most common and also known as unattached decks.  These are on the same level as the ground. They mainly have a framed box topped with floorboards held up by joists. When constructed separate to the house, they can be ‘platforms’. Now the platform does not need any railings but depends on local building codes. You can consult with patio builders Brisbane about code requirements.

Advantages of a Ground-level Deck

  • Design integration: You can easily integrate a ground level deck into your landscape by planting trees around the deck.
  • Location and versatility: Ground level decks do not have to be attached to any structure of your home, unlike elevated decks. You can build it in any area of your yard making it look more beautiful and different.
  • Cost: Building this type of deck is pretty affordable. They are simple and the total cost for both labour and material is low. You can go for additional furniture also. For efficient materials at the best cost, look for Brisbane patios.

What is a Raised Deck?

Your home design determines the style of your deck. For a home that has the main living on the second floor, a raised deck is the way to go. You may have to attach a stairway leading to the yard. Typical centre hall colonial design houses often need a raised deck to be even with the door.

Advantages of Raised Decks

  • Design: It serves as an amazing way to finish out your yard along with trees and other landscaping materials. Besides the extra outdoor space, it adds the overall square footage and value of your home.
  • Versatility and location: It becomes a great place for special occasions. You can add furniture and hold a great Sunday lunch.

But raised decks also have their disadvantages. The durability of the deck will depend upon the material used and the skill of the builder. So, to choose the best quality you have to choose expert patio builders.

Raise Deck vs. Ground Level Deck: Which One to Build?

Both raised and ground-level decks have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision all comes down to your preference and the layout of your house. It is very important to invest in proper materials and finding a good constructor to help you out with the whole project from the beginning.