Features of an Insulated Patio

If you are looking at creating the perfect entertaining area this season with a custom designed patio but want something that is going to be cool in summer, minimise noise from rain and storms and is going to look sleek and stylish then an insulated patio is the way to go.

Insulated roof sheets are available in an extensive range of colours to match your home and are available in either corrugated or ribbed profiles. The sheet itself has a polystyrene core allowing for practically zero heat transfer and a flat white metal ceiling to give the maximum amount of light reflection under your patio.

An insulated patio has a greater span, which means fewer posts and beams, allowing for a more open entertaining area. Insulated roofing has the added bonus of a hidden section in the joins where electrical cables can be run providing a cleaner finish when installing ceiling fans, lights or even speaker wiring.

Due to these properties we always highly recommend an insulated roof to all of our roofs over decks, custom designed patios and in some application’s even carports in Brisbane.