Maintaining your deck

Deck maintenance will prolong the life of your deck, which will save you money on replacing boards or major repairs, it will also help you get the maximum sale price for your home some day! One of the major factors in deck maintenance is oiling the deck. For long term savings, learning how to oil a deck is a great investment.

How to oil a deck in five easy steps

1. Clear the decks! It’s vital to clean your deck thoroughly. Even your best efforts at deck maintenance will fail if you don’t clean it before you start. Remove loose material from between the boards, sand down grimy patches, sweep the deck then apply deck cleaner before rinsing thoroughly with a hose.

2. Ensure it’s completely dry. This one is the easy bit! Just sit back and wait for the deck to dry properly! This is an essential part of oiling your deck as the oil won’t be as effective on damp boards.

3. Plan it. When the deck is dry, the next step in your deck maintenance is to map out where you will start and where you will finish applying the oil. This means less waste as you won’t go over areas where oil has already been applied.

4. Apply deck oil in long strokes. After stirring the deck oil, start applying it. A long, continuous application will ensure the best finish so don’t make stabbing thrusts when applying. Leave to dry.

5. Second Coat. The final step involves applying a second coat. Always use less oil on the second coat as excess oil may pool and leave a mess – a real trick for people learning how to oil a deck!

Top Tips From A Professional Deck Builder, Brisbane


  • Use the best quality deck oil, applicators and materials that your budget allows. They’ll make a big difference to the result.
  • Using a lambs wool cloth in place of a roller will give you a better finish
  • Don’t apply deck oil in direct sunlight and make sure there’s no chance of rain for 24-48 hours after oiling your deck. Remember, multiple coats mean multiple days, so look for a sunny week ahead!
  • Don’t cut corners. Trying to oil a deck in one application just leads to a mess job, pooling oil and a rough finish.
  • If you’re staining your deck, be careful! Applying a stain much darker than the natural timber colour will make minor scuffs look dreadful.
  • Re-oil your deck and carry out basic maintenance every 6-12 months for best results


Ready to carry out your deck maintenance?

These simple steps should have you well prepared for your deck maintenance. Deck builders will tell you that well maintained decks need fewer repairs so learning how to oil a deck properly is a great idea.

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– Gordon