Outdoor Rooms Brisbane – Creating An Outdoor Room From An Old Laundry Or Patio

When it comes to outdoor rooms, Brisbane is leading the nation-wide demand, as home owners look to extend their beautiful Queensland-style homes. An outdoor room, where something like an old laundry, verandah or patio is converted into a space for entertaining, or into another family room, will increase the value of your home. An outdoor room can also be a semi-enclosed outdoor kitchen or even a just an enclosed verandah on one of our famous Bayside Queenslanders.

Outdoor Rooms – Costs and Value

Outdoor rooms can cost a few thousand dollars for a simple enclosure to tens of thousands for an extension with all the bells and whistles. Of course, the size of the outdoor room will affect the overall cost but regardless of how big or small, value will be added to your home. You can never have too much space! Ask a professional property valuer (costs around $500) for advice on how your outdoor room will affect your property values and how to get the most from your investment.

Top Tips for Building Outdoor Rooms in Brisbane

The cost of adding an outdoor room to your Brisbane home, can be greatly reduced by following a few tips.


  • Builder’s Price Guarantee. One way to keep the cost down is to find a builder who will give a price guarantee. In other words, a builder who will charge what they quoted you. Be careful of disreputable builders who will charge for any extra time they spend on your project. Ever wonder why these builders seem in no hurry? Take a look at the bill and you’ll figure it out!
  • Location and Use. If your outdoor room adjoins your home and shares a wall with an existing power point or pipes, your water and electricity costs will be greatly reduced. Similarly, if there is already a door in place, you can keep your building costs down.
  • Recycled Feature Materials. Another way to reduce the cost of your outdoor room is to deal with suppliers of second hand building materials for unique features. For example, a coloured glass window is considerably cheaper second hand. Besides, many new outdoor rooms look like they were always part of the house thanks to the slightly older look of used materials.
  • Builders with Buying Power. Selecting a reputable, local builder with contacts in the local building industry will get you trade or cheaper-than-trade prices on your materials. A reputable local builder will pass on those savings to you.
  • Kits and Caboodles. If you are DIY-ing any aspect of your outdoor room (not recommended) speak to a reputable builder about DIY kits, design and advice BEFORE you start.
  • Council Approval. If you live in Brisbane or Redlands, you’ll need Council approval on most extensions. See our Renovations Brisbane page for more information.


Outdoor Rooms Brisbane – Choose The Right Builder

There are plenty of outdoor room and deck builders in Brisbane, but make sure the builder you choose will give you a price guarantee and comes with a good reputation.

Additions Building builders are experts at creating outdoor rooms, and offer you expertise and advice on your ideas. Our list of services can be found in our Brisbane Decks section. Get in touch now for a 100% obligation free quote on your outdoor room from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.

– Gordon