Patio Builders Brisbane – Why the Cheapest Patio Builders in Brisbane are Not Always the Best Choice?

So, thinking of building a patio? Here’s what you need to know about patio builders in Brisbane. Brisbane is unique, it’s growing fast, property values are skyrocketing, government stimulus and the influx of southerners means that the building industry is booming! So, what does that mean for you? Unfortunately, it can mean long waiting times on projects and can also mean that there are cowboys out there after some stimulus money! It’s not always easy to find a reputable builder but when you do, hold onto them! Once you’ve found patio builders Brisbane can trust, you’ll add value and good looks to your home, while dodging some common scams.

Dedicated patio builders – the key to getting your Brisbane patio on time

Easy, choose dedicated patio and deck builders in Brisbane. It’s vital to understand the building industry in Brisbane…from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, to Ipswich and the Gold Coast, vacant land is filling fast. With the whole Southeast Queensland region rushing to build expensive new housing estates, Brisbane builders are prioritising big homebuilding jobs over your little patio! That’s why, to get your job done fast, you should choose dedicated patio builders in Brisbane. This will mean your job is their top priority, not their “get to it when we have time” job.

Builders guarantee – how to get your patio on budget

The too-good-to-be-true builder, ready to start now, miles cheaper than everyone else, seems like a good bloke…nice car for a discount patio builder…

Some builders might give you a very low quote, and at face value this might be very attractive. But you need to look beyond the price and check you’re not being hustled. While some builders do run into genuine problems on the build, other “create” problems such as:


  • The builder might say that the original materials they quoted were unavailable so they had to use more expensive ones.
  • Or, they’ll deliberately go slow and charge you for the extra time, citing your job as being ‘far more difficult’ than first thought.
  • Another reason some builders will give you such a low quote is because they use inferior – read cheap and nasty – building materials that will last about as long as it takes them to do a runner. Always ask them to provide particulars about the materials they’ll be using and check the quality for yourself without taking their word for it.
  • Never fall for the ‘all cash up-front’ routine. Many people have paid up front, only for their builder to not turn up when work is due to begin. A great way to get the builder there on time and to ensure the quality of the job is to agree to progress payments. Agree dollar amounts and an approximate delivery schedule in advance.
  • Always look for a builder who is fully registered and with qualifications, credentials and testimonials that can be easily checked.
  • Ask for a HIA or Master Builders contract. These are the industry standard, legally binding and it will keep your legal fees down.
  • The wonderful World Wide Web is a great tool for checking out your builder. Google them and look for negative comments, look at the Google Places reviews, become a detective and protect your investment.
  • Always get a price guarantee that is legally binding. And if they ask for extra cash to cover ‘insurances, taxes and permits’ make sure those “insurances, taxes and permits’ actually exist.


Patio builders Brisbane – there are good ones out there

Don’t think that every builder is out there to rip you off. It only takes a little research to find reputable patio, pergola or deck builders in Brisbane and well known in the area for doing a good, honest job.

Don’t deal with builders who sell their services door to door, or who give you quotes that are too good, and low, to be true. Because, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

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Get in touch now for a 100% obligation-free quote on your patio, pergola or deck from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.

– Gordon