Timber Decks Brisbane – How Brisbane Weather Affects Timber Decks

Timber decks and Brisbane weather just don’t mix well. Timber decks can be greatly affected by Queensland’s climactic extremes. Hot sun, summer storms, salt air and even tree debris blown around on windy days can damage your timber deck. The Brisbane lifestyle however, is the perfect match for a spacious, beautiful timber deck…so, what do you need to know before you build a timber deck in Brisbane?

Timber decks for the Brisbane lifestyle

Timber decks in Brisbane might be outdoor party rooms where we entertain friends, our happy place where we enjoy our morning coffee or the space where toys can be strewn about without driving mum mad. Decks are an intrinsic part of the warm, sunny Brisbane lifestyle so they deserve your love and care. For heavy traffic, consider several layers of tough varnish to prevent a “worn look” in thoroughfares and around seating. If your children are younger, and likely to go to town with a texta the first chance they get, consider kiddie-proofing from the start with high quality oil that can withstand a scrub down with methylated spirits or even a sanding back and re-oiling.

Brisbane decks and varnish – the WORST mistake you could make

Varnishing a deck in Brisbane is possibly the worst mistake you could make. While your timber floors may be shiny enough to see your reflection, Brisbane’s harsh sun will quickly make a varnished deck look tatty. Stick to oiling your Brisbane deck!

Brisbane storms – protecting your deck from sun and moisture

To keep your timber deck looking good, and structurally sound, you must protect it against the elements. For example, the type of coating you apply to your timber deck should be suitable for your specific location. If your timber deck gets full sun, look at coatings specially formulated to provide longer colour retention than your average transparent stain. Shaded areas however are best coated with a water-repellent stain that has added inhibitors to prevent mould and mildew from forming.

After heavy rain, sweep away puddles. If left too long, surface water will promote the rapid growth of mould, mildew and more. Many timber decks – Brisbane is no exception – are badly affected by fungal growth. And as nice as trees might look when overhanging your timber deck, the damage done by palm fronds and large branches when they crash down during violent storms is not so nice. Some prudent cutting back is advised.
Look at the location of your deck and ascertain if it will see full sun, or large areas of shade. Apply coatings that are formulated for each situation. Watch out for overhanging vegetation and don’t be afraid to ask the experts for their advice.

Expert advice on timber decks

When building a new deck, or looking to protect your current structure, consult with Additions Builders, Brisbane, we will be happy to pass on our local expertise about the Brisbane climate and how it will affect your timber deck.

To learn more about our deck building and repairs, visit our decks Brisbane section or get in touch now for a 100% obligation-free quote on your timber deck from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.

– Gordon