Enclosing a Queenslander Verandah

What You Need to Know Before You Enclose a Verandah

Need more space? Simple – enclose the verandah! It’s the Queenslander owner’s way to create that toy room, study or sunroom and it’s very hip right now. Enclosing a Queenslander verandah is a great way to create a sunroom in these grand homes but it may not be as simple as you think. So, what is involved to enclose a verandah on your Queenslander?

Enclose verandah – not as simple as it sounds

When you enclose verandah, you open a can of worms if you haven’t done your research. For example, enclosing a verandah on a heritage listed building (like many of the grand old ladies of Wynnum, Manly, Shorncliffe, Sandgate and other Brisbane bayside suburbs) can have all sorts of consequences. Getting permission to make changes to heritage listed homes can be a nightmare and often isn’t possible, so be sure to check it out before making plans to enclose your Queenslander’s verandah.
Download the Queensland Government Heritage Renovations information pack

Brisbane sunrooms – what to consider

When you enclose your verandah, will it block light and breeze to your home? Will it ruin lovely views? Sometimes the disadvantages will outweigh the benefits. Remember also that a sunroom is all about sun and Brisbane’s famous hot summers may not be something you want to celebrate!
While enclosing a Queenslander verandah will give you all of the benefits of a light and warm sunroom, the effect it might have on your home’s street appeal could be detrimental. Try and get as clear a picture as you can of how your home will look after you’ve given that ‘enclose verandah’ instruction.

Sunrooms and Structural Work

Enclosing a verandah may involve more structural and trade-qualified work than you might imagine, leading to a more time-consuming and more expensive job. Bringing power or water out to your sunroom may be expensive and must be done by a qualified electrician and plumber. To keep costs down, try enclosing an area where there is existing doorway and power supply.

Enclosing a verandah for profit

A professional builder can create a light, airy, beautiful room for your home by enclosing part of your verandah. This is a big lifestyle plus in our sunny Southeast Queensland environment but it’s also a massive plus when it comes to reselling your home. An additional bedroom, ensuite bathroom, study, toy room or just a plain old sunroom for lazing about and reading books, all add up to big gains on resale. To learn more about increasing your property values, visit our Renovation Brisbane section.

You can create something fabulous. Just speak to a professional builder, your insurance company and be sure you’re aware of all issues connected to enclosing the verandah on your Queenslander.

If you’re still keen on giving that ‘enclose verandah’ instruction, the next step is to talk with specialists in the field, like deck builders, Brisbane-based. It’s important to deal with locals when because they know Queenslanders and the impact a new enclosure can have on the bones of these character homes. They also know what permits you’ll need and what rules apply to heritage listed homes.

Additions Building specialise in enclosing verandahs and will advise you on the design, structural work and paperwork surrounding an enclosure. Their list of services can be found in the decks Brisbane section.
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– Gordon