Brisbane Carports

Brisbane Carports – The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly

Brisbane carports can be split into three categories: the good, the bad and the very ugly. Read on and discover how you can ensure that your new car port is a value adding, car safe investment, also known as a good one. There are enough bad and very ugly Brisbane carports out there without you adding to the list!

Carports and Brisbane Home Values

Take a look around and you’ll see many Brisbane carports have flat roofs. Sadly, those flat-topped carports do not add as much value to the properties they’re sitting on as the pitch-roofed variety. For reasons of aesthetics or water drainage, this is something to consider when investing in a carport.

Avoiding an ugly carport costs you money

Another thing to keep in mind is how the design of your carport will blend in with your home and grounds. Many Brisbane carports look like they’ve been tacked onto the home with no degree of integration at all. The result is an ugly structure that stands out like a sore thumb and adds nothing to the property value. Don’t choose a carport on price tag alone – it could lose you money in the long run. The overall look after the carport is erected should be your primary consideration.

Top five factors to consider when building a carport in Brisbane or Redlands


  • Protection for your car from salty sea air, South East Queensland’s famous storms and other environmental factors.
  • Look. In addition to how your carport will look and what that will do to your property values, consider how you will make it aesthetically pleasing, from a designer driveway to a climbing vine to built in shelving and storage. Be sure to budget these in and keep them in mind when approaching your carport designer.
  • Ease of access. This may determine whether your carport will be near your house or further up the driveway if you have restricted or curving vehicular access.
  • Size. Consider whether your carport might serve as a sheltered entertainment area on a rainy day, or be a place where the kids leave their bikes and toys. The Brisbane lifestyle means many carports are more than mere parking spaces!
  • Price. With all renovations, cheapest isn’t always best. If you’re planning to DIY your carport, consider buying a kit or getting a builder to help with the planning stage. For information on Brisbane City Council and Redlands City Council regulations, please see our Renovations Brisbane section


Brisbane Carports

When choosing deck builders Brisbane or Redlands, the best builders of Brisbane carports are the ones who can advise on plans and show you how the carport will look alongside your home. We’ll also advise you on any permits that might be required. Additions Building are experts at building carports and will happily advise on what carport will best suit your home. Our list of services can be found in our Brisbane Decks, Patios and Carports section. Get in touch now for a 100% obligation free quote on your carport from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.