Designing A Pergola For Brisbane’s Climate

Creating a pergola Brisbane will envy involves some forward planning. Where will it go? What will it be built of? How big shall I make it? With these questions answered, you’ll have a pergola Brisbane-style; that is, a pergola that will best suit Queensland’s unique climate.

Designing A Pergola To Suit The Brisbane Weather – And You

It’s not just aesthetic design that will help you create the perfect pergola. While looking great is important, the right location is also significant. You want to place your pergola where you can enjoy a cooling breeze on a hot day. Putting your pergola in a sheltered spot where there is no breeze defeats the purpose of investing in an open structure.

Building Materials For Pergolas

The materials you choose for your pergola should blend in with the look of your home and surroundings. Timber will be the ideal material if you have an older timber home with lots of trees around the property while the clean lines of a metal pergola might be a better choice for a modern home and setting. But don’t forget Brisbane’s unforgiving climate! Will metal look as good after years in a bayside environment? Will timber stand up to battering after battering if you live in a storm-prone area? Will you need blinds if your pergola sits in full sun? Or screens if you live near Brisbane or Redland’s famous bayside mozzie habitats? The materials and coatings you use for your pergola should look good but they should also be chosen with your particular setting in mind.
Pergola roofing material can be clear plastic, single skin metal roofing or insulated metal roofing and each makes a huge difference to how you enjoy your outdoor living area. (Learn more about pergola roofing)

Building a Pergola in Brisbane? Need Help In Creating The Perfect Pergola?

With so many things to think about, it’s smart to chat with pergola or deck builders, Brisbane-based and knowledgeable about the local climate. They’ll tell you what materials are best for you and whether or not the plans you have in mind really are right for your home and location.

Additions Building are specialists at building pergolas and will advise you on the designs and materials that best suit your property and location. Their list of services can be found in our Brisbane Decks and Pergolas gallery section. Get in touch now for a 100% obligation free quote on your Gold Coast, Redlands or Brisbane pergola from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.

– Gordon