Deck Repairs Brisbane: How to tell if you need a deck repairs specialist

Need deck repairs in Brisbane? Maybe the question should be – how do you know you need deck repairs? It is not always easy to tell, and just as hard to find deck repairs Brisbane can trust. There are cowboys out there and your deck is too important to leave repairs to just anyone.

Deck Repairs in Brisbane: Minor to major

When it comes to deck repairs, Brisbane is the nation’s capital. With our great climate, we love to entertain outdoors and consider the deck to be another room of the house. No wonder we should keep it in top shape. Much of the time it’s a simple thing like a single cracked board which you can replace yourself. When buying the timber, choose a good match with the existing boards, and always ask for weather-resistant decking nails – don’t use the old nails you keep in the shed!

Warning signs your deck needs urgent repair

Sometimes, the deck needs more than a simple repair. If the deck is spongy or even wobbly when you walk across it that could be a sign of major structural damage such as faulty, old or poorly installed joists and beams, or sunken foundations. Check your deck regularly for insect, sun and damp damage and do a thorough check for any structural damage after storms and floods.
DIY deck repairs should be confined to replacing single boards and minor decorative jobs. When it comes to the integrity of the entire structure, you need the experts.

Need Deck Repairs in Brisbane?

Major deck repairs must be carried out by a specialist otherwise the faults will remain and your deck could become even more unstable (and your insurance invalid). Look for deck builders Brisbane knows and trusts. At Additions Building, we specialise in Brisbane and Redlands outdoor living design and builds. We have the specific knowledge that house builders and handymen don’t have, plus the tools required to achieve a completely safe and satisfying result (not to mention one that your insurance company will love).

Remember, your deck is like another room; a place where you spend a lot of time. You wouldn’t trust the repair of your kitchen or bathroom to just anyone. Why do the same with your deck?

Additions Building offers deck building and repairs. Their list of services can be found in our Brisbane Decks section. Get in touch now for a 100% obligation free quote on your pergola roofing from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.

– Gordon