Pros and Cons of Building a Patio!

If you are thinking of a perfect outdoor living space for your home, then patios are the best option. Patios make your outside area attractive while complementing the design of your home. You can spend some quality time with your family and friends. Patios can even be designed for smaller spaces, and they are always extremely practical. Since they are built at the ground-level, and there is no need to add railings for security. With the right approach, you will not feel enclosed in any way.

Choose the Right Material

Before you decide to build a patio, you should know about the versatile options available in terms of design. Every material its own benefits. Below are the materials you can choose from to build a great patio:

  • Concrete: Concrete is the most basic and cost-effective option available for building a patio. To make your concrete patio unique, it can be coloured or stamped. Although concrete is a durable material, it may also show cracks. So, always choose the best quality cement for your project.
  • Natural stone (bluestone, limestone, slate, and flagstone): If you have a budget ,then you use natural stone for your patio. Natural stones are very expensive, but natural stone patios look so beautiful. The benefits of a natural stone patio are low maintenance and great durability.
  • Bricks: Using bricks provides the option to pattern them in various ways; but at the same time, they requires a lot of maintenance. Bricks can crack, moss can form, and there can be a shift, causing an uneven surface.
  • Pavers: Pavers are extremely popular as they come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Below are a few of the advantages of using pavers:
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces water build-up
  • Uniformity of thickness

Similar to bricks, pavers also shift over the course of time, leading to an uneven surface or spaces that allow for the growth of moss or weeds.

If you are confused about which material is the best for building your patio, contact Patio Builders. We will give you proper guidance.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of building a patio:


  • Compared to building a deck, patios are cost-effective
  • Patios are easy to maintain and do not require power washing or yearly sealing
  • Compared to decks, patios have greater longevity
  • It best option for a pool area as a patio and pool both go well together
  • It creates a cohesive outdoor space


Besides the many pros, there are a few cons of building a patio that cannot be overlooked.

  • A patio can be a bad option for uneven or hilly yards. It has to be on a level surface. If you still choose to build it on an uneven surface, it will cost much more.
  • Patios are susceptible to cracks in extreme temperatures
  • During rains, patios tend to become slippery


If you have a small backyard, do not worry as customized Patio Screens are an option. Without comprising the aesthetics and privacy of your home, smaller patios can be constructed with the help of the right patio builder.