Vital Tips to Summer-Proof Your Open Patio

Summer is inching closer in Australia and you may have to endure high temperatures and humidity. You can make the scorching summers tolerable by simply getting in touch with patio designs Brisbane. The temperature during the hot summer months may go beyond tolerable levels. But, you can’t do better  than the comfort that the outdoor environment offers. You may also want to enjoy the Christmas lunches, play dates, and family dinners in the outdoor environment. Patios seem ideal, but many are not suitable for summer use.

The tips below will help you summer-proof your open patio:

1. Insulated Roofing

You can get insulated roofing panels fitted on various kinds of substrates. You can easily spot the one that looks appropriate for your patio. It is worth mentioning that insulated patio roofing systems are available in various types of materials. These materials may include aluminium, stainless steel, and fiberglass. You should contact Brisbane patio specialists to enjoy the outdoor environment during this summer.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have yet to enjoy the various benefits that an insulated patio presents. Many people feel that an insulated patio is redundant as a result of its open architecture. However, an effectively fitted insulated patio roof bounces the sharp sun rays instead of absorbing them. This helps in maintaining a cool shade and keeps the temperature under control in your outdoor space. Additionally, insulated roofing also brings down your energy consumption level thus keeping your energy bills under control.

2. Add More Doors and Windows

This has emerged as an economical yet popular way of enhancing ventilation in some specific spaces. You may have to add screens to protect yourself from insects. If you still find the heat uncontrollable, you can add an awning or overhang which will help in preventing the sharp sun rays from directly hitting the side of the walls.

3. Opt For Natural Cooling Effects

Ventilation in roofs remains available in two categories. You can choose between cross ventilation or wind ventilation as per your requirement. Each will allow the heat to escape from your patio and bring the temperature under control. Wind ventilation designs have\s attained huge popularity. You should contact Brisbane patio builders to summer-proof your open patio.

4. Misting Systems

These systems have emerged quite helpful in case you need to attend several guests or when you spend a huge time on your patio. Water is sprayed to cool the air and environment via evaporation. The system is not complicated to set up. If you hire professionals, it will take barely one day time. You could even do it on your own during the weekend.


The above tips will help in summer-proofing your open patio. You should consider popular Brisbane patio designs to pick that one that suits your requirement and budget. You can also add some natural shade to keep the temperature under control. Many homeowners also install a ceiling fan for an additional kick of ventilation or secure an air-conditioning unit. An exhaust fan may also be required to pull the heat from the interior.