Cheap ways to maintain a deck

Deck Maintenance – How To Clean and Oil Your Deck

If you live in Queensland then you know the entertaining season is well and truly upon us but if you are an entertainer who has a neglected deck, then you might want to get it into shape.

Getting your deck looking good before your guests arrive doesn’t have to be as difficult or expensive as it sounds and maintaining your deck regularly will not only make your deck look better all year round but it will also prolong the life of your deck saving you money on replacing decking.


Tools required for cleaning and oiling your deck

  • Hard bristled broom
  • Laundry washing power
  • A bucket of warm water
  • Hose
  • A good quality decking oil that your budget allows
  • Lamb’s wool decking applicator
  • A decking oil bucket (for easy application)

How to oil a deck in seven easy steps

1. Clear the decks! Before starting your cleaning project, insure all furniture has been removed from your deck.

2. Wash it. With your broom remove any loose material from between the boards, give the deck a really good sweep. Mix your laundry washing powder in a bucket of warm water and scrub the deck with the broom. Rinse thoroughly with a hose.

3. Ensure it’s completely dry. Once you washed the deck, go make yourself a cup of tea and wait for it to completely dry. This is an essential part of oiling your deck as the oil wont be as effective on damp boards.

4. Plan it. When the deck is dry, the next step in your deck maintenance is to map out where you will start and where you will finish applying the oil. This means less waste as you won’t go over areas where oil has already been applied.

5. Apply deck oil in long strokes. After stirring the deck oil, start applying it. A long, continuous application will ensure the best finish so don’t make stabbing thrusts when applying. Leave to dry.

6. Second Coat. The final step involves applying a second coat. Always use less oil on the second coat as excess oil may pool and leave a mess – a real trick for people learning how to oil a deck!

7. Time for a roof! Along with regular maintenance, a deck will always last longer in Queensland if you have a roof over your deck to protect it. Gone are the days of the old corrugated sheeting and timber beams, you can now get stylish, insulated panel which adds an element of luxury to your roof and keeps your guests cool over the warmer months. Have a look at our range of roofing here.


Ready to carry out your deck maintenance?

By maintaining your deck you will have fewer repairs so learning how to clean and oil your deck is a must.
Additions Building offers deck building expertise and advice. Our list of services can be found in our Brisbane Decks section. Get in touch now for quote on your pergola roofing from a trusted local deck builder in Brisbane.

– Gordon

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