Small Patio Ideas

We love our outdoor spaces in Queensland, and why shouldn’t we, we have the best weather in Australia. But what if you want an outdoor entertaining area but don’t have a big space to work with? Well you’re in luck because not all patios have to be big to create a really lovely outdoor space that will fit your BBQ and your outdoor dining area.

Small patios are great because there is less to clean and they cost less to build. They are also a reasonably inexpensive way to add value to your home. And now you can ditch that old, big, rusty BBQ and buy that nice and compact baby weber you’ve had your eye on.

Here are some handy ideas to make that patio space appear bigger;

1. Use Light Coloured Materials

It is a known fact that light colours make any space look bigger whereas dark colours absorb light and make a space look smaller.

I would recommend choosing light colours for your patio. Select a white underside when it comes to your patio roof, this will automatically brighten the space and create the illusion of a larger area. Choose white posts or grey posts as darker posts can close the patio in.

When it comes to your facias and gutters pick a colour that matches your house, as small as your patio may be you don’t want it to look out of place.

2. Reduce the Clutter

This is when you might want to start shopping around for that new BBQ.

If you can, sell your old bulky items on ebay or gumtree. Bigger, bulkier items will make your space look cluttered and essentially smaller.

Keeping your patio area clutter free is the key to making that space look larger.

3. Maximise your furniture

We live tend to live on smaller blocks these days so our outdoor living areas need to take up as little room as possible in some cases and we are lucky that allot of outdoor furniture has been designed to suit the changes in our accommodation. Sometimes it’s just a matter of updating some of your furniture to fit our new smaller patio space.

Again for the bigger ticket items like your table, keep to the light coloured theme. Light timbers or light and bright cushions will help. Buy furniture that fits the scale of your patio.

Furniture with open or exposed legs will also allow allot of light through making the space appear airier.

Glass tables also will help to maintain the appearance of an open space.

4. Style of Patio

Depending on your style of home, different styles of patios can really help open up a space even more. If you live in a low set home fly over or elevated ceiling patios, let allot of light in and because of the high roof line, make a space appear larger.

If you are looking for some smaller patio inspiration, check out some of our patios in our patio gallery.

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– Gordon